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New Zealand Doctors Quiz for Teens and Parents

The government is now offering a free Pfizer injection to teens. Vaccinators can only give you the Pfizer mRNA injection, i.e the vaccine, after you have given them your Voluntary Informed Consent.

Your Right to Voluntary Informed Consent is protected by:
  • The Nuremberg Code 1947
  • The Helsinki Declaration 1952
  • The UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights
  • NZ Bill of Rights 1990
It means nobody can pressure you to accept a medical intervention, medical treatment or to take part in a medical experiment. Are you fully informed so that you can give an informed consent for an injection with the novel Pfizer mRNA injection? Unsure?
You can check your level of information by answering the following quiz with "yes" or "no" answers.
Hover the mouse over the question mark (?) and the end of each question for clues. Hit F5 to start again.
? HintSelect from list.
? HintFull name Preferably (only first and last initals will be shown on the potential prize).
? HintType 1 or more characters to see Schools List or eg "Hom" will return "Home Schooled".
? HintCan be your parents if you dont have one.
I consent to showing my initials and school on the map of NZ.
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Hit F5 to start again.

1. Are children and teens at risk of significant harm from Covid-19 infection?
2. Is the Pfizer mRNA injection better than natural immunity?
3. Is the Pfizer mRNA injection the only effective option against Covid-19 infection?
4. Do the injected substances of the Pfizer mRNA product remain in the muscle of your arm?
5. Does the Pfizer mRNA injection make an inert harmless protein within your body?
Clue:See clue for number 9.
6. Has the Pfizer mRNA injection been tested like our fully registered vaccines?

Official trials end in May 2023.

7. Are you participating in a medical experiment if you take the Pfizer mRNA injection?
Clue:Its experimental until official trials end May 2023
8. Doctors and scientists don’t yet know the potential medium and long term complications such as infertility and auto immune disease. Is that true?
Clue:They have their suspicions about fertility being affected due to lipid concentrations in the ovaries.

9. Do the Ministry of Health, the government and the NZ media fully inform you on the efficacy and safety aspects of the Pfizer injections?
10. Do the pharmaceutical companies have to pay out for injuries and damage caused by the Pfizer mRNA injections?
Clue:There is no liability for Pfizer, it all falls on the taxpayer, or namely ACC. Getting anything out of them won't be easy, so it's not going to be pleasant if you do get injured.
11. Do you think that getting the Pfizer injection will allow life to return to normal?
12. Will the Pfizer mRNA injection definitely protect you against future Covid-19 variants?

Right now Israel is almost fully vaccinated with most citizens have two shots of the Pfizer Agent.

However cases of infection have seemingly never declined.

In Israel you now need three shots to be considered fully vaccinated.

? HintYes! True freedom is recognising that your bodys default setting is to heal itself. Just relax, it's going to be all right. Placebo happy thoughts promote healing.
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